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Featured Floorplan: The Palazzo

By | on September 22, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

Did you know there’s a NewStyle Communities floorplan packed with amazing features for an exceptionally comfortable and easy life? The Palazzo floorplan is here to show you that the answer is yes!

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7 Easy Steps for Picking the Right Paint Color

By | on September 10, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

There’s something special and intriguing about the way colors can effect us. Some colors can make us feel a range of emotions, like happy or sad, excited or subdued. When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, it’s an important decision that can really change the entire look and feel of a space. But how do you know which colors are the right ones for your home? When settling into or building your NewStyle Communities home and it’s time to tackle the interior design, use these tips as a guide to choosing the right paint colors.

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4 Myths About Homes in Lifestyle Communities

By | on September 3, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

09 2022 Myths 01

Once you’ve reached the next wonderful phase of life, you might be wondering what your next move should be. You might be considering building or buying a new home in an active adult lifestyle community in Charlotte, NC or Greensville, SC. But is it the right fit for you? Will you be able to maintain a new home or have enough storage?

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Tips for Moving to a New City

By | on July 25, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

08 2022 Moving Tips 01

There is no greater feeling than finding the perfect place to call home. But when you finally connect with “the one,” it may mean moving to a new city! Moving is an exciting opportunity to start fresh — but it is understandable if you feel a bit nervous, too.

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How to Prepare for Signing a Contract

By | on July 15, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

08 2022 Contract Signing 01

At NewStyle Communities, we want to make the process of building your new home enjoyable and fun. We follow a proven set of steps to ensure you are informed and with us every step of the way. It is our number one priority to build you a new home that you will love!

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Build New or Renovate: Which is Right for Me?

By | on July 5, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

It’s an age-old real estate question. If you are a homeowner and you’re finding that your existing living space just doesn’t fit your needs anymore, should you do a gut renovation of your current home to suit your changing needs, or start fresh and build a new one?

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Fun Activities to dowith the Grandkids

By | on June 23, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

06 2022 Summer Activities 01

Choosing the NewStyle Communities lifestyle means choosing fun, choosing care-free, choosing comfortable, easy-living, and so much more. It even means choosing to live near family — especially your precious grandkids.

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4 Reasons to Schedule a Consultation Appointment

By | on June 10, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

Buying a new home is a big leap for most people, but for active adults, it’s even bigger. It’s more emotional, more life-changing, and more consequential – for so many reasons. There are myriad questions and concerns when buying a home that you’ll be living in during your later years.

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10 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

By | on May 16, 2022 | NewStyle Communities

05 2022 Welcome Neighbors 01

Moving to a new community is an exciting time, especially for someone right-sizing into their forever home. A whole new world of possibilities awaits… new neighbors, exciting amenities, and more. But it can also feel a little daunting, especially if all the neighbors already know one another.

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