Selecting the Perfect Homesite for Your NewStyle Home

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So you’ve decided to purchase the NewStyle Communities home of your dreams! You’ve owned a home before, but you’re finally at the point in life where you have the resources to build a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

This is an exciting time! That’s why NewStyle Communities gets you involved in the building process. We work with you, answering your questions, and letting you see first-hand the details that make your NewStyle Communities home so special.

After you have your initial meeting to discuss your needs, options, and preliminary pricing, the next step is to select and confirm your homesite location. You and your Sales Consultant will walk through your community, and confirm the homesite you chose. Your Sales Consultant will discuss the grading and positioning of your home during this meeting, along with the impact of natural lighting and energy-efficiency. Let’s look into these topics a bit further.

The Views

At NewStyle Communities, we consider all of the views when deciding to build on a site. We understand the importance of what you will see while inside your home, as well as what others will see as they approach it. Depending on the NewStyle community you choose, your homesite may have wooded or water views. It might have hills, slopes, or amenity views. All of these details are important to note as you walk around the property and visualize your new home on the site.


The way your new home is positioned will impact both its ambiance and its energy efficiency.

Will your home be located on a sunny corner or nestled in the shade? Will it be set up on a crest or down in a valley? Will it be close to the main road, or set back into the community? We have home sites that cover a variety of positions, so you can choose the one that fits your preferences.


Another thing you will discuss when visiting your new home site is grading. Grading is the process of leveling the exact spot where your home will be built, as well as ensuring proper drainage, establishing the site height, and protecting the environment from stormwater runoff and erosion. The process of grading requires digging and excavation to remove large amounts of dirt and soil. A land surveyor determines how to fill any low spots on the property and how to level any slopes.

Natural Light

NewStyle Communities floor plans are designed to maximize natural light. They create inviting living spaces that feel bright and airy without the need for artificial light. Consequently, we always take advantage of the natural light on each home site. When deciding how to lay out home sites, we pay close attention to where there are potential sources of shade on the property, such as established trees, groves of vegetation, or outcroppings. We strive to capture the light as a heat source in the winter, while shading the home in the summer.

Why does it matter?

In the winter, south-facing rooms get the most sunlight. However, during the summer, those rooms remain cool. A north-facing room gets pretty consistent natural light throughout the year. A room that faces east will get the benefit of the most morning sunlight. So, an east-facing kitchen or breakfast nook might be ideal for early risers. If you’re not an early riser, you’ll especially want your bedroom to be on a different side of the house. A west-facing room has the advantage of the best evening lighting, which might be a consideration for your outdoor spaces (decks, patios, terraces, etc.) if you want a sunset view.


The direction your home faces doesn’t just impact the amount of light inside your home. It also directly impacts the heating and cooling costs of your home. The cost of heating and cooling a home is one of the most significant contributors to your energy costs.

In addition to how we position your home, we incorporate energy-efficient components, such as

LED bulbs, low-e glass, thermal-pane windows, radiant barrier roof decking, and a Zip System exterior sheathing for the home’s building envelope that holds warm or cool air inside the house.

Building a House On Your New Homesite

There are many important things to consider when you’re figuring out where to build your NewStyle Communities home. Taking into account the views of and from your home, and how it is positioned to harness natural light, are two of the most important.

NewStyle Communities homes has been dedicated to exclusively building homes for 55+ communities and active adult homebuyers for over 2 decades. For more information on our unique home building process, contact our excellent sales assistants.

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