5 Reasons You Should Move to Cramerton, NC, ASAP!

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The town of Cramerton, North Carolina, isn’t exactly on  everyone’s minds, but you know what? We’re perfectly OK with that! At NewStyle Communities, our active adult residents want easy-going lifestyles and maintenance-free living. Here are five reasons Cramerton fits that bill to a T.

It’s Truly A Small Town Oasis

Cramerton, NC’s, population floats around 5,000 residents. Separated from Charlotte by the Catawba River, life on our side of the water is calm and serene. While you’ll get to know your new neighbors quickly, there’s still plenty of room to stretch your legs and enjoy some lovely solitude when you need it. For retirees, isn’t that the dream?

But the Big City Isn’t Far

However, if you like the amenities of big-city living, downtown Charlotte is only about 25 minutes away. Start your morning with a scenic country drive and in minutes you’ll be surrounded by the art galleries, museums, shops and restaurants of bustling Charlotte. If sports are your vice, Charlotte boasts five professional sports teams.

Cramerton Is Just So Green

Cramerton’s residents are surrounded by 180 acres of green space including manicured parks and unadulterated nature. There are ponds and rivers to fish in, trails to hike and golf courses to play on. After you move into the maintenance-free retirement community at the Courtyards on Hope, one of NewStyle Communities’ Cramerton communities, you’ll have more time than ever to enjoy some outdoor R and R.

Main Street USA Is Alive and Well in Cramerton

Remember when you could go to local businesses and feel like a regular or  get a real sense of community? In Cramerton’s Riverfront Downtown district, you still can. Read the newspaper at a local coffee shop then take a walk around Goat Island Park. After watching the river and wildlife blissfully pass by, head to a local restaurant for lunch and relax on the waterfront. See some familiar faces. Soak in the small-town tranquility. Enjoy life the way it should and could be.

The Cramerton Community Is Invested in Itself

66% of Cramerton, NC’s, housing is occupied by the owners themselves. While there are apartments and rental housing, most of Cramerton’s residents have the pleasure of being able to own their own homes. You’ll see that pride in every well-kept yard and smoothly-run local business. In such a fast-paced world, it’s comforting to know there’s a place where community is front and center.

Start Your New Relaxing Life at the Courtyards on New Hope

If that all sounds like a dream, rest assured that at The Courtyards on New Hope in Cramerton, NC, it’s reality. Unlike larger retirement communities, the Courtyards on New Hope only has 30 homesites for optimal golden year bliss. To get started, check out our single-level floor plans then contact us today. Once you’re in, you won’t have to lift a finger to maintain your new home. Leave that to us and enjoy your new life in Cramerton.

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