When to Rightsize Your Home

As you look around at your current home, you may realize that your wants and needs have changed. And you’re certainly not alone. Right now, you may prefer to have fewer rooms with more storage space, over multiple rooms that are going unused. Or a wide open living area where you can better connect with family and friends, as opposed to a closed off kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Most of all, you might want a safe, secure home built with universal design features like single-level design, comfort-height toilets, and adult-height vanities that simplify everyday living and provide safety, comfort, and convenience, no matter what life throws at you. As you enter the next exciting phase of your life, you might be ready to rightsize, so the only “surprises” in your life are happy ones!

If you’re looking ahead to a new world of possibilities, here are a few good ways to tell if you’re ready for a home that fits your wants and needs.

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When To Rightsize Your Home

You’re tired of maintenance. If a home repair or maintenance has ever interrupted your day, you know how much of a hassle it can be. That’s why our maintenance-free homes allow you to enjoy everything that’s on your daily schedule (even if it’s just to relax!) so you don’t have the thought of maintenance looming over you.

You have unused rooms. If you have multiple bedrooms in your home that aren’t being used, you might begin to wonder whether the extra “money in property taxes and eventual maintenance” are worth it. In a spacious 2- to 3- bedroom home, however, each room not only serves a purpose, but allows you to keep and organize only the things that bring happiness and comfort to your life.

You want to be closer to family. It goes without saying that interacting with family over a FaceTime is just not the same as a hug in person. If you have family around North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, a home that’s closer to them means you won’t have to miss another birthday celebration, school play, or even just the get-togethers that you love so much.

You’re ready for a lifestyle change. Even if you enjoy your current neighborhood, you might be looking ahead to more social events and fun ways to stay active with people in the same stage of life. In our NewStyle communities, built with amenities like a clubhouse, tennis courts, a pool, walking trails, and more, you’re free to spend your days exploring new hobbies, meeting new people, and enjoying your time the way you want to!

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