There’s Never a Wrong Time to Right-Size Your Life

If you no longer had to worry about home repairs, unused space, and accessibility in the future, what would you do with your time? Would you go kayaking on Lake Tahoe, teach your grandchildren how to cook, listen to jazz in New Orleans, or volunteer at your favorite charity? Whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do, living in a NewStyle community in North Carolina lets you do it stress-free.

At NewStyle Communities, our secret to a happy life is simple: simplify. But simplifying your home doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. In fact, downsizing your home has nothing to do with the word “down,” and everything to do with the word “up.” Moving out of a home that’s too big, requires maintenance, and doesn’t allow you to live on your terms, is a choice that will take you to new heights.

In one of our maintenance-free communities, you can look forward to the best days ahead! NewStyle Communities provides you with everything you need to make each and every moment of your life just right!

Single-Level and the Living’s Easy

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When you step into your NewStyle Communities home, you understand the meaning of “don’t worry, be happy…” This all-brick, single-level oasis, complete with a private courtyard and an open concept floor plan, is a space where every inch feels warm, comfortable, and just like home.

Gone are the days of worrying about maintenance and age-specific design in your home — here, you can rest assured knowing that your home is designed to accommodate your needs for years to come, and repairs are taken care of! What a relief.

When you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, whether that be to the beach or to the mountains, your last thought should be the status of your home. That’s why NewStyle Communities ensures that your home is always kept safe and sound while you’re off on your journey, so that you have everything to smile about when you return.

Come Together

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One of the best parts about moving to a new home, that is the right size for you, in a new community is that you’ll be surrounded by neighbors who feel the exact same way!

Our homeowners are the kind of people that love to spend time with their neighbors and share the happiness that they’ve created here. What could be better than knowing there’s always a familiar, friendly face just around the corner?

No matter what you and your friends like to do the most, NewStyle Communities gives you both the privacy and the social opportunities to have as much fun as ever. Go for a hike on a scenic walking trail, lounge at the pool under the shade, enjoy a delicious meal and drinks, and take part in a social event or gathering. Every day here is brighter than the last!

Not to mention, your NewStyle Communities home is the perfect place to have your family over for a visit, whether it be for a home-cooked meal, a fun day out in town, or an extended weekend. As warm and welcoming as can be, your easy-living home offers a leisurely getaway for those you love, where simple moments turn into lasting memories.

When all is said and done, your retirement should be a time of bliss and adventure. At NewStyle, our homes and communities allow you to spread your wings and take every leap. Whether you love to relax and mingle, or travel to the ends of the earth, your lifestyle is more than welcome here. The fun part begins now!

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