New Year’s Resolution: Cooking Healthier in your New Home!

We’re serious about promoting a healthy, active lifestyle in our NewStyle communities. From golf and tennis to biking and swimming, we know our homeowners are happier and healthier when they are moving. Here at NewStyle Communities, our kitchens are designed with your healthy lifestyle in mind. Cooking for yourself is a great way to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You can control the ingredients, portions and preparation methods when you make your own meals at home.

Here are 10 ways you can be a healthier and happier cook in your NewStyle gourmet kitchen:

  1. Become an educated eater. Make an effort to learn how to cook and eat healthy. Brush up on healthy foods and recipes. Learn how to plan and create your own healthy meals.
  2. Be mindful. Make conscious food choices. Pay attention to what – and how – you’re eating. Prepare your food. Taste it. Savor it. Enjoy it.
  3. Keep it simple. Delicious, healthy meals don’t require you to be a world-class chef. Pack your beautiful maple cabinets and GE refrigerator with healthy foods that you like. If you keep your ingredients fresh and your cooking techniques straightforward, healthy cooking is easy.
  4. Learn various cooking techniques. Your GE double oven and cooktop are perfect for all sorts of culinary adventures. Experiment with stir-fry. Roast vegetables on a sheet pan. Try packets made from parchment or aluminum foil. Even if you’re having salmon every day, you can prepare it differently each time! 
  5. Make your kitchen fun and functional. NewStyle kitchens are designed to make cooking a breeze. Organized pantries so you can find things easily. Spacious granite counters for bowls of fresh fruits and veggies. Spices and herbs in your cabinets where they’re accessible. Clean everything up in the dishwasher when you’re done.
  6. Plan meals ahead of time.Spread everything out on the island, and start prepping! Wash, cut and peel fruits and veggies for snacks and meals. Batch cook grains, like rice and quinoa. Portion out snacks like nuts and berries. These shortcuts help make sure you eat healthier.
  7. Make it easier whenever you can.Buy bagged and shredded cabbage, carrots and pre-chopped greens. Use frozen bags of vegetables (peas, corn, pearl onions) in soups and stews. Keep canned beans on hand to throw into dishes.
  8. Focus on flavor. It’s easier to eat healthy if the food tastes good. Flavor your foods with herbs, spices or citrus. Add vegetable or chicken stock to grain dishes. Make your own vinaigrettes for salads, grains or veggie dishes.
  9. Eat more fruits and veggies.Aim for 4 to 13 servings a day, in a range of colors. Add them to soups, stews, omelets, pasta, rice, sauces, etc.
  10. Eat less meat. And when you do eat meat, make sure it’s lean. Eat small servings, and make sure the majority of your plate is veggies and whole grains.

With tips like these, you’re sure to master healthier living in your NewStyle home!

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