What Does It Mean to Right-Size Your Home?

Your life has been a constant evolution of new ambitions, priorities and interests that have all lead you to where you are today. You’ve worked hard to get here, and now, maybe for the first time ever, it’s time to put yourself first. You find yourself with an empty nest and a future full of possibilities. So what will your next chapter be?

Right-sizing is choosing to live life more fully in a home and community that fits your needs and desires… just right. If you find yourself relating to more than one of the following tid-bits, then it may be time to consider right-sizing your home!

Your Kids are Gone.

Your family of four, five, six… is down to two. The home that once was full of hustle and bustle is now left feeling a little empty and unused. When they moved out, so did most of their belongings, leaving you with extra space you don’t really need, but are still paying for. A home that maximizes your investment with everything you need to live the way you want every day is the solution.   Just the right-sized home allows you to make better use of your space and live more comfortably.

Private Courtyard Space Tega Cay

You Want Less Maintenance

That large backyard couldn’t have been a more perfect place for the kids to grow up; swinging on the swings you built, running through the sprinkler you set up and playing fetch with the family dog. Now, the yard gets used a lot less, but the maintenance remains the same. You’re spending your time mulching in the spring, mowing in the summer, raking in the fall and shoveling in the winter; just like you always have. But now, it’s time to let someone else do the work, while you still enjoy a yard that makes being outside and staying active easy.

You Have Different Needs of Your Home

NewStyle Communities | Blog Image 16You chose your current home based on certain needs and circumstances at the time. It’s helped your family create wonderful memories over the years, but you’ve grown and changed, and the functionality of your home hasn’t. Why travel up three flights of stairs to get to your master bedroom, or clean a large basement that no one uses? You’re ready for a home that’s designed exactly how you plan to use it; whether it be hosting in your fabulous entertaining area or reading by your cozy outdoor fireplace. Make your home work for you.

Your Priorities Have Changed

The days of rushing between soccer practices, art exhibitions and theaters performances are over, and you have new priorities. At this point in your life, you want (and deserve!) the time and convenience to do the activities that matter to you. You no longer have to focus on the local schools or your work commute, you value walkability, a sense of community and connecting with neighbors and friends. You need a neighborhood filled with similar minded people and the right amenities in a premier location to do the things you love to do.

You’re Craving Something New

This time of your life is all about YOU, and you’ve earned it! You’re ready for an adventure; a new stage of life where every day is something different or a walk through beautiful nature preserves and a swim in the clubhouse pool is simply part of your morning routine. The possibilities are endless, so it’s time to start exploring what will make your next phase the best one yet. Find a community that’s unlike any other; where discovering new hobbies and making new friends part of your every day.

If any of these things describe how you’re feeling in your current home, why not take a look at the opportunities that await in a NewStyle Community? Contact us to learn more about right-sizing in a new home, and which of our communities is the perfect place for you to start your next chapter!

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