Five Hobbies to Take Up at Home

Life in a NewStyle community is all about happier, healthier living, and now there’s no better time to bring those positive vibes into your beautiful home! While you’re spending more time indoors, certain hobbies that keep you active and engaged will boost your mood and have you feeling refreshed all day long.

With plenty of room to spread out, including a large, open-concept living area, a four-season sunroom, a den, and a beautiful patio, you can choose the most comfortable spot in your home to try something new. Take a look at a few of our favorite hobbies to take up inside:

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Fun Hobbies to Do at Home

Yoga Class: Whether you’re familiar with a few moves or you’re just starting out, your spacious NewStyle home is the perfect place to get zen. Looking for some easy moves to begin with? These enjoyable video classes will help put you on the path to mindfulness. All you need is a comfortable, relaxing spot… check.

At-Home Gym: With all the wide open space in your beautiful home, you certainly don’t need a gym to get some exercise. This website offers free workout video classes — and if you’re looking for a specific workout, you can narrow down your search by duration, training type, equipment, etc. Lace up your sneakers and enjoy!

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Get Cookin’: If you already have items like pasta, cereal, beans, peas, olive oil, rice, bread, and canned tomatoes stocked in your gourmet kitchen, there are dozens of dishes you can easily whip up without having to leave home for any ingredients. Call these your “pantry masterpieces” — they’re so much fun to make!

Work(out) From Home: Are you working from home? Turn some of that sitting into standing! Place your computer on an elevated surface that you can access from where you stand, and try some “standing exercises,” including hamstring curls and desk push-ups, or simply move your body however you like.

Find Your Passion: One of the best things about spending more time in your NewStyle home? You have all the room you need to try something new. Start a virtual book club, try fiction writing, pick up painting, learn piano or guitar, make craft cocktails, create scrapbooks, start blogging, discover new music or a new language, have a movie marathon, etc. You have the world at your feet… right in your NewStyle home.

There’s no better time to dive into a new hobby while enjoying the comfort of your spacious home! 

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