5 Advantages of Maintenance-Free Living

Congratulations on your new home purchase! By now you’ve settled and nested into your new surroundings, met new neighbors and friends and fully embraced the benefits of your maintenance-free lifestyle. But just in case you are still in the dreaming stage, wondering what it would be like to enjoy the reclaimed time and energy that abounds in our communities, here are some things you will want to take advantage of:

  1. NewStyle Communities | Blog Image 17Time to enjoy retirement.
    When you purchased your first home, you might have envisioned and even accepted with delight that your Saturday plans for many years to come would involve mowing, painting, mulching, planting and weeding, to name a few. The pride that comes with home ownership is real and so are the chores. After a while, the shiny tools become dull, the pressure to accomplish everything in a timely and seasonally appropriate fashion mounts and your neighbor’s home looks better than yours (gasp!).

    We know you have put in the time and we are here to let you tap into the big reserve of relaxation you have earned! It’s your chance to dust off those hobbies, get outdoors, visit family and admire someone else’s hard work on the lawn. Saturdays are looking good.

  2. Worry-free travel
    You will love being able to pick up and go on that golfing or overseas trip without hassle or worry. No sprinkler timers and favors called in from the neighbor to water your plants. The exterior of your home is beautifully maintained during every season of the year. This includes lawn care, planting and mulching, irrigation, pruning and more. Our green thumb will take care of keeping your home and neighborhood rich, alive and colorful. The money you will save in annual planting and maintenance can be put right back into your travel budget!
  3. Professional landscaping and exterior maintenance
    NewStyle Communities | Blog Image 21Our professional contractors will not only have the grounds looking great but the exterior of your home will get the attention it needs for longevity and safety as well. Outdoor projects can range in expense and difficulty resulting in potential hazards to your safety. According to the Right at Home Fall Prevention Guide, approximately 1/3 of elders falls at least once a year and outdoor falls are more common than indoor falls. At NewStyle Communities, we want you to stay active AND safe.

    We do all that we can to make certain that the curbs, roots, lighting and steps do not pose a challenge to your safety and active lifestyle. Our all-brick exteriors not only stand the test of time, but are cost and energy efficient to you. You won’t have to break out the ladder for any outdoor roof, window, paint or gutter maintenance again.

  4. Dream organization and storage
    I can just feel the weight lifted and freedom gained from a good Spring cleaning. Organizing and ridding our homes of clutter feels and looks good. Our NewStyle Communities homes boast ample storage with a garage that can house your household supplies, your sports or exercise equipment perhaps, your toolbox and your vehicle. We hope you won’t be too sad to leave behind your lawn equipment, gas and oil cans, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrow and extra supply of dirt. A decluttered home promotes more energy, decreased stress and better mental faculties according to a recent Princeton University Neuroscience Institute study. Now, who can argue with science?
  5. Extra money in your pocket
    Your energy efficient home will save you money on the inside with lower heating and cooling bills and we, as your builder, will save you money on the outside as we take care of the rest. Lawn maintenance and seasonal planting alone could be costing you an average of $1500-2000 per year. That some hefty piggy bank change! You are well on your way to your next vacation without even lifting a finger. It makes you want to book a trip over to tour a NewStyle Communities neighborhood, doesn’t it? We’ll be waiting with a smile and your passport to maintenance-free bliss.

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