Family-Friendly Fun With Your Grandkids

At NewStyle Communities, life is all about having fun — which of course means that your grandchildren are always welcome here. Whether you’re enjoying the springtime weather in your private outdoor courtyard or splashing around in the pool, there’s so much to do with your little loved ones.

After you’ve decided to move into a community and home that embrace and enhance your lifestyle, every day opens new doors for you. There’s never been a better time to make your best memories with your grandchildren! They’ll love coming to visit and exploring all of the incredible things that NewStyle has to offer. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to enjoy family-friendly fun here:

NewStyle Communities | Article - Family Friendly Fun With Grandkids
NewStyle Communities | Article - Family Friendly Fun With Grandkids

Head To The Clubhouse

Filled with social events, activities, and of course, delicious meals at all times of the day, the clubhouse in your community is always buzzing with fun. After spending time in your spacious and comfortable NewStyle home, take your grandchildren down to the clubhouse for an afternoon of everything you love doing together!

Whether you enjoy playing cards, hosting a party, arts and crafts, or relaxing and watching TV with friends, there are so many different ways to spend your time together here. Who knows, your grandchildren might come up with the next big activity for everyone in the clubhouse to join in on…

Hang Out By The Pool

During a warm spring day, there’s truly nothing better than stepping into a beautiful pool. If you have fond memories of learning to swim and enjoying the water when you were young, you’ll love recreating the same moments with your grandchildren.

Grab some ice cold drinks, snacks, and a floatie — it’s time to splash around! Your gorgeous community pool is all yours to have a blast, whether you lounge poolside and play a game, or hop in and see who can swim to the other end first. Your grandchildren won’t ever want to leave!

Enjoy Your Private Courtyard/Four Seasons Sunroom

One of the best parts about your contemporary and comfortable NewStyle home is that you always have a place to sit back, relax, and soak up the sunshine. Whether your home has a private outdoor courtyard, a patio, or a four seasons sunroom, you have the peace and privacy you love, with the style and coziness you deserve.

You could enjoy a homemade lunch under the sun outside, do a puzzle while watching their favorite movies, or play tag before the sun sets… the options are endless, and you’ll never run out of room to have fun. Before they leave to go home, you could keep some of their toys with you in a special spot that they’ll love to return to!

Explore Fun In Town

At NewStyle Communities, we believe that where you live makes a house a home — which is exactly why we build our communities in the best areas of North and South Carolina. Although your home is tucked away into a serene and quiet neighborhood, you’re always close to the fun in the center of town.

From Charlotte, NC to Greenville and Columbia, there are so many exciting things waiting to be explored, whether a zoo, a museum, a park, or a new restaurant. Whatever your grandchildren love to do the most, you’ll find the perfect activity to share together. And even when the day’s over, everyone will smile when you pull up to your home sweet home…

When you live in a NewStyle community, your days are an open book to do everything you love — with the ones you love most. There’s nothing as special as spending time with your grandchildren, and now you have the perfect place to go on your best adventures… and make your greatest memories.

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