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At NewStyle Communities, we believe that home is your safe, secure getaway from the outside world, where you and your family experience the little things that make life so special: cozy mornings, shared meals, laughter and conversation, new passions, get-togethers with friends near and far. Home is where happiness lives.

That’s why our team creates mood boosting homes in Charlotte, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina, specifically designed to elevate your spirits while you go about your daily life. With superior construction methods, expert design, and a lot of love and care, we’re excited to provide you with The New Home Lifestyle.

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Mood Boosting Home Features

Open Layout: So many of your very best moments are shared with others. That’s why we build our homes with a single-level, open-concept layout where your kitchen, dining area, and family room flow together without walls in the way. This openness creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of your home, where you’re always connected to those around you — whether you’re entertaining or spending time with family. And you never have to worry about navigating stairs again – everything you need is easily accessible.

All-New Everything: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the complete comfort of fresh, clean space that’s all yours. From the kitchen island where you’ll gather with family and friends to the appliances and features you’ll use every day, everything in your home is untouched and ready for you and your family to make your unique mark. All-new everything means your beautifully designed home is entirely your own from top to bottom.

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Natural Light/Outdoor Living Spaces: When you wake up in the morning and head to your kitchen for a cup of coffee, there’s nothing more soothing than the sight of natural light. Our homes are designed to let natural light flood in, so all of your moments — big and small — are illuminated naturally. And of course, with an outdoor living space like a patio, screened porch, or private courtyard, you and your family are always connected to the beauty of nature.

Flexible Space: The way you and your family live is completely unique to you. That’s why you deserve flexible space that can be used however you wish. With areas like an extended lower level outdoor space, optional upstairs loft, and separate study or den, you’re free to create whatever you need. Whether you want a home office to work privately, a playroom for your grandkids, a hobby area to hone your craft, or an entertainment room to enjoy your leisure time… you can have it all.

When you’re at home, you should be surrounded by an atmosphere that enhances every moment. That’s why we design our mood boosting homes to foster happiness, no matter what’s going on in the outside world. If you’re ready to experience The New Home Lifestyle, all of us at NewStyle Communities can’t wait to meet you!

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