8 Ways Our Team Makes the Homebuying Process Easy

At NewStyle Communities, our biggest priority is maintenance-free, easy living — and we believe that this applies to the home building process as well! Why should you have to spend any moment of your retirement feeling stressed? With us, you’ll always feel confident while your dream home is being built.

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Once you have the keys to your brand new home in hand, you’ll be ready to take on the greatest adventure of your life. Until then, our team is always on hand to ensure that this rewarding journey is as smooth as possible for you. Take a look at how our team makes the home building process easy:

Select a Home Site: The fun begins! First, you’ll choose the floor plan that best suits your needs, and then you’ll pick your home site. Whatever you prefer, from scenic views to amount of sunlight, our Sales Consultant will work closely with you to select the perfect one.

Personalize Your Home: Although we have an abundance of options to customize your home, from cabinet styles to flooring to appliances and fixtures, our In-House Designer guarantees that you’ll never feel overwhelmed. Instead, you’ll have a blast customizing your home and truly making it your own!

Review Construction: Does the construction process sound stressful? If so, rest assured that you can sit back and relax. Before construction begins, you’ll meet with your Project Manager right on your property to go over the schedule. Everything is planned out and organized, so you can sleep with peace of mind.

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Continued Review: You’ll meet with your trusted Project Manager on your property again right before the installation of drywall to discuss electrical options (additional recessed lights, extra outlets, etc.) You’ll also discuss the rest of the building schedule — you’re getting close to opening your brand new front door!

Your Home Inspection: Once your home is completed, don’t be nervous about the home inspection! We hire a licensed, third-party home inspector to detail any issues, and your Project Manager and Trade Partners ensure that repairs are performed within 1 week! You’ll always have the best product possible.

Review Your New Home: Right before closing, you and your Project Manager will review your new home and how each operation works, including appliances, programmable thermostat, hot water tank, air handler, fireplace, and doors and windows. Any issues will be addressed! You’re almost there…

Closing Time: Congrats! The time has come and your dream home is finally all yours! All of us at NewStyle Communities cannot wait for your lifetime of happiness here. Your home’s closing will be coordinated with our front office, closing attorney, and your lender (if applicable). Lets go!

New Home Orientation: Everything you’ll need to live your best home life will be readily available to you. We’ll provide you with a Buyer’s Manual with all of the information you need to succeed. Within 1 year of issuance of certificate of occupancy, you’ll have access to our prompt warranty services. Welcome home!

Gone are the days of stress and headaches. With NewStyle Communities, life is always a breeze!

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